Life is full of emotion.  You can see it in people’s faces, the way they hold themselves, and what they do.  It is the photographer’s job to capture a fleeting moment in a picture, so that memory will last forever.

  Ever since I was young, I noticed little things — things that nobody else saw.  Sometimes I would sit and quietly watch people, wishing that I could keep a snapshot of certain perfect moments — the secret look shared between a couple, raw unbridled emotion on the face of a playing child, uncontrollable laughter spilled over from an inside joke between friends, the gaze of a person deep in thought.  Soon enough, I got my first camera, and started taking pictures of everything I saw.  I marveled at the beauty and magic that could be achieved with even a simple camera.

  As I grew older, I also began to appreciate the artistic and technological work that goes into high-class photography: mathematics and art converging to immortalize the very soul of a moment. I began photographing children, seniors, families, weddings, and anything that really caught my eye, for myself and for others to treasure those moments forever.

  Capturing the essence of these moments in life is a passion of mine, and I hope I will get the chance to capture yours.


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